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15 Tips for Cheap Extended Car Rentals – Free Car Magazines

The driver’s history and experience could affect the amount of money that you pay to rent a car. This is why it’s essential to select the best driver. The person you designate as the driver must be between 3 and 5 years old . He or she should have had no accidents in the last 3 years. They should have at minimum 25 years old.

Employers stop seeing drivers as dangerous, irresponsible young men , and instead begin looking at their drivers as mature, responsible adults by the age of 25. If you can find someone that demonstrates the traits mentioned above to become your driver, you should put that person into the driver’s seat immediately away.

14. Join Special Memberships

You could get incredible discount on extended cheap car rentals by taking advantage of any special discounts which you could be entitled to. For example, some AAA members enjoy discounts on rental vehicles. Make sure to contact your insurance company for information on whether you’re eligible to receive a reductions on rentals similar to these.

There are times when employers offer discounts for employees who make use of different portals for services. Also, you may want to talk with your employer. In addition, the relationship you have with a particular lender or bank might enable you to avail these discounts.

15. You might want to consider bundling your service

The final way to save on the cost of an extended rental car is to combine it with additional items. For instance, you can bundle it with hotels and airplane ticket if you need the items. It is possible to get a percent of the expense when you combine all of those options together.

There are also some of the famous websites that help consumers get the best prices. These sites offer comparisons and aid in finding bundles to those seeking the best prices. They do the bulk of the searching to offer you the best deal. This saves you the time and effort.

Now you know how to get and maintain cheap long-term car rentals


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