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Simple Kitchen Updates on a Dime – DIY Projects for Home

starting from serving pieces, mugs to bowls and dinner plates. There is no need to shell out a lot to buy a collection of dishes. The dishes are available for purchase cheaply by visiting your local departmental store or the hypermarket. Most often, these stores offer discounts as well as deals on various products including dishes. They are also great options since they can ship your purchase directly to your door.

Before deciding which dishes work best for your family and you, take into consideration style and practicality. In the case of events or gatherings frequently, consider purchasing the stoneware set or glassware to host your special events. A casual set of dishes will be more appropriate for those who only utilize them for everyday meals. While selecting dishes, be sure to look at the color. You should pick a color that matches the design and style of your kitchen or paint colors.

Update Your Fridge with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is among the many kitchen upgrades for a small cost that you can do to transform your kitchen’s look. It is an excellent option to bring personality and a unique look to your kitchen, without having too many expenses. Giving your fridge a makeover with chalkboard paint it is easy to tackle. You can do it by yourself or hire an expert to apply the chalkboard paint on your behalf. For this simple project, it is important to choose the perfect chalkboard paint shade to match your refrigerator, newspaper to cover your floor or carpet, and tape as well as a paintbrush.

Begin by washing the fridge’s surfaces using the use of mild soap as well as water. After cleaning it, tape everything you don’t wish the paint to spill onto door frames or handles. To protect your floor from spills from the paint lay down newspapers on the floor. Using a paintbrush, then apply chalkboard paint on your fridge’s interior. You should ensure that you are brushing in the exact direction of the grain of your refrigerator’s stainless steel. There are times when you will need to employ adverbial.


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