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Top Tips for Consistent Mediation Success – Dan Park Law Group

s involved agree, choosing the right mediator will aid the parties in settling their disputes and finding a way to resolve the issue without the need for court. There are many advantages to both parties that are involved when using mediation as a means of resolving conflicts. It is flexible and cost-effective in addition to speedy.

Mediation is a meeting between lawyers and clients to discuss alternative options for your particular case. It is an informal meeting and each party will be required to present documents regarding the case. The process and the sessions are also confidential. For a settlement, participants must reach a compromise by reconciling conflicting claims, principles and modifying requests.

Mediation is always productive if you are introduced to the idea of settlement early. Everyone should be present at the meeting for mediation in order to participate in the decision-making process. Before agreeing to the mediation resolution, make sure you study the mediation papers from your mediation attorney. As a potential client one should study all the relevant briefs as well as the various sides to get a better understanding of the case better and what legal requirements are available.


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