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How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art – Art In The News

The low-cost intervention can be employed in similar cities all over the U.S.

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a second study, the Asphalt Art Safety Study. The study looked into 22 of the most stunning asphalt art projects in America and found that it been able to reduce the risk of accidents in traffic, particularly those involving motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Sam Schwartz Consulting was hired by Bloomberg Philanthropies to do the study. The study included studying the most recent asphalt art projects as well as studying crash rates before and after. The study reveals that some of these initiatives cost a couple of hundred dollars and others thousands.

The art of asphalt expanded to other cities such as Pittsburgh, where asphalt striping was erected on crossings and flowers were painted on the outer traveling lanes of an enormous five-sided intersection. Durham located in North Carolina was another project. It covered an intersection which had four sides. It also was adorned with a large artwork that was composed of blue dots. Other cities which saw their intersections undergo transformation include Atlanta (Georgia), Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and Trenton (New Jersey). Following the completion of the art the 75% initiatives resulted in a reduction of road crashes.

Janette Sadik Khan declares street reclamation provides an possibility to build safer streets. the use of colorful urban art that stand out has proven to be one of the most successful projects in these urban projects. Note that these paint initiatives don’t always translate into success as it was found that the Asphalt Art Safety Study found that work carried out in cities in Georgia particularly Atlanta and Decatur however, did not reduce crashes, but made them worse. Atlanta experienced an increase of 41% in crash fatalities, while Decatur witnessed a 28 percent more crash incidents.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Beautiful Asphalt Art in Europe

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