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How to Properly Care for Braces – Preventing Cavaties

Take out the wires and brackets. These guidelines will allow you to avoid gum disease and cavities, while also polishing your white pearls.

When you are brushing your teeth while wearing braces make sure that you get every angle. Get above the bracket, under the bracket, and even on the sides. Be aware of the angles of your teeth and also. If you’re wearing braces the automatic toothbrush is a wise option to avoid the buildup of tartar and plaque.

The process of flossing using braces is painful. Though you could utilize some kind of hook or tool to wrap the floss around each segment of wire, it takes much time and is not advised. You can use disposable handheld floss tools for securing floss to braces.

It is important to wash your mouth thoroughly using mouthwash, as well. This will help keep your breath fresh and clean, as well as kill the bacteria that could cause gum disease. If you’re having trouble using the brackets made of metal against your cheeks, you can protect the bracket with wax in order to shield your mouth. It’s not a problem, as it won’t cause harm even if you eat it.

For more information look up the above video.


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