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so as to minimize the concentration of sun rays in the folds. Consider consulting a specialist before purchasing shades for your car to avoid the sun’s rays concentrating on it.

Blinds may also be closed to block the sun’s rays from coming into the home. Venetian wood blinds allow you to alter the brightness of a room through the adjustment of the spacing between slats. Typically, wood is naturally a conductor of heat; consequently, it helps in keeping warm air out of the room. The best way to keep your house cool during the summer heat wave is dependent upon how much warm air flows through rooms, and also how cool air enters the structure.

3. Maintain Windows open at night and close the doors to your Garden or balcony

Cool air can circulate through your house through opening curtains at night as well as balconies and garden doors in the daytime. Cool air that is moving can be more relaxing as opposed to static air. Temperatures at night are quite low compared with daytime. By opening the windows to the opposite side and doors in between, you will be able to maximise cooling. You can create drafts by opening the windows and doors in opposite directions of your home, which allows air to circulate freely through the home.

Make sure you have a mosquito- and flies net to cover windows and doors if they are making havoc.

Sash windows can be opened by opening the bottoms as well as the tops. According to manufacturers the sash windows were designed for cooling air to flow through the bottoms, while hot air gets out through the tops.

Before it heats up make sure to shut all the curtains and windows on the balcony or gates to your garden. It is sometimes tempting to leave your curtains left open.


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