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yle=”font-family:Arial,sans-serif”>Remember that window direction will determine the amount of sun streaming into your house. Your south-facing window will allow the sun’s heat to penetrate your house during the daytime and at late at night.

If closing windows fail to function as you expected If you are not able to close your windows, put the sunshade of your car on the windows in order to stop light getting into your the rooms. To avoid sun rays from becoming trapped in folds, ensure sure the sunshade’s position is on a level surface. When purchasing car sunshade for windows, get advice from a professional about their safety.

Blinds are also able to be closed to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the home. Venetian wood blinds can alter the brightness of a room by altering the spacing of the slats. Typically, wood is an excellent heat conductor and thus, it will help keep warm air out of the room. The heatwave will affect how your home is cooled. It all depends on the quantity of heated air being pushed out , and the amount of cool air you allow to enter.

3. Maintain Windows open at night and close the doors to your Garden/Balcony

Cool air can circulate through your home by opening the your windows in the evening and opening up balconies/garden doors in the daytime. Be aware that moving air is more comfortable than static air and the temperatures tend to be lower in the evening compared to daytime. The best way to increase the cooling effect by opening windows in opposite directions and doors that lie between. Opened doors and windows will create a draft, allowing air to move freely throughout your home.

If mosquitoes and insects are at the forefront, you should purchase an insect net to cover the window and door frames.


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