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Should I Get a Yearly Physical? Yes and Heres Why! – Free Health Videos

Should i get a yearly physical Uric eye exams allow us to identify eye diseases early to begin treatment.

Doctors can recognize early indicators of chronic disease, issue periodic updates to prescriptions and treat the problem of digital eye strain. This includes some types of cancer and diabetes, as well as excessive cholesterol, as well as high blood pressure.

3. Testosterone Test

The hormone is detected in blood using this test. In both men and women, testosterone is a necessary hormone. In men this hormone is the principal sex hormone helping to produce sperm in addition to voice expansion and growth of muscle. Testosterone levels in females are much lower than those of males yet they are crucial in regulating several biological functions, balancing hormones and improving sexual libido among females.

The blood is a reservoir for two types of testosterone; free testosterone which does have a non-binding affinity to proteins as well as bound testosterone that can attach to proteins, such as albumin and blood’s sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This test can be utilized by physicians to determine the cause of problems in patients with abnormally excessive or low levels of testosterone.

Many factors can cause people’s testosterone levels lower. A doctor might recommend several tests depending on the cause. To check for the presence of high testosterone levels or low levels, a doctor will first perform a physical exam.

Before getting the blood test it is possible to check on the person’s medical history and current drugs. The needle used for drawing blood from the arm in order to perform the blood test. A doctor could recommend that the patient stop using prescription medications, such as estrogen therapy, androgen or similar hormone-altering drugs.

4. Dental Check-up

It is possible that you’re asking “Should I undergo a once-a-year physical?” It is worth noting that there is one of them is t


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