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How to Change Your ARK Server Map – Reference Books Online

Each map has its own tale and is a custom ARK. To gain more enjoyment, users can use the custom map changes for ark that are part of the process. Visit the Steam workshop and identify the map that you prefer to use for your ARK map for the server. Once they have found their desired map users must determine the map’s title and mod ID. The Steam workshop’s website address will provide the mod ID. In this case, an example available in an ark dedicated server change map is, and the map’s ID is 106544323. The map’s name is available in the Steam workshop page. As an example, the Map’s name as the mod ID above is Panthalassa.
The information you provide is vital as it can be used to accelerate the process of creating maps for the ARK server. Access the Control panel and click FTP Access File. proceed to location/ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/ and identify the GameUserSettings.ini file.and click to edit. There, find your ActiveMods= settings. Add the Steam workshop mod IDmap within this setting. Close the file and save it. Next, you should go to the main FTP directory. Find and edit the file’s ARK properties. Select the map’s settings and modify the Ark dedicated server change map. Close the window before you return to the control panel. To load your personalized map, restart the server.

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