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Explaining the Differences Between Latency and Bandwidth – Absolute SEO

In the fast-growing remote workforce, people expect to see more. The bandwidth and latency of servers are two factors that affect web performance. Which are the differences between them?

This is the first distinction between latency and bandwidth. As stated by the narration in the previous video, the term “latency” is the distance and amount of time needed for data to go from point A to point B. This refers to the amount of time data takes to get to its destination via networks. However it is the amount of data that is transferred across the network.

Latency and bandwidth differ in two ways. The measurement of latency is in MS that stands for milliseconds. However, bandwidth is measured in Kbps or Mbps.

The third distinction between latency and bandwidth lies in what to do about them. Experts recommend that internet users build DIAs (dedicated Internet lines) or utilize CDNs (content delivery networks) to cut it down. When it comes to bandwidth, there’s several ways to tackle the issue. Customers can choose to change their Internet provider, or even their plan. eq4y6nx647.

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