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What Is a Category 5e Cable? – Tech Talk Radio Show

What is e and what serves for.

Let’s begin by explaining what 5e cables do. They are a type of computer cabling which transmits voice and data signals between routers, hubs, switches, DSL or cable modems and various other network devices.

Most commonly the cables of Category 5e can be utilized to link a computer to a modem or router provided by broadband providers. It is also possible to use them to connect computers within a office or home.

Let’s look at an example. In large buildings there is a common practice for the wiring cabinets through which the telephone service enters the building to have connectors in place that will connect to each particular desk or piece of equipment using a category 5e cable.

You want to learn more about Cat 5e cables. These cables are durable, economical and versatile. A structured cabling system is where an individual cable may be used in multiple applications.

This video is a great way for more details about Category 5e cable.


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