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Severe Lower Back Pain Causes and Remedies – Greg’s Health Journal

The pain can be moderate or severe. In mild cases, low back pain is not need medical care.

The severity of pain can also affect a person’s ability to walk and squat. Numbness or pain in the lower legs and feet is not uncommon especially when severe back pain occurs. Since pain may vary from person to person the doctor needs to know how severe the pain is in both resting and performing. When you visit your chiropractor, the doctor will ask about the symptoms you are experiencing. Certain movements or physical actions can cause pain levels to get higher. Some of these factors include

Stand or sit for prolonged For long

Standing or sitting for prolonged times is one of the reasons for severe lower back tension. A standing posture can help you get up and about and engage the core muscles, while reducing the pressure on your back. The best way to do this is to change between one foot and another every twenty minutes or so and ensure you have a good posture and a wide foot.

It is important to note that sitting can be an exercise by itself because it is a requirement to remain focused and keep your posture in all situations.

It’s an excellent idea to break and change between positions throughout your working day. It is recommended that you did not sit for more than one hour at a time, and your rest intervals should last long enough to allow for complete brain recuperation. You should also be careful not to lift your arms excessively or overdo movements, which put undue stress upon your spine.

The standing position can also improve your wellbeing. While standing, you boost blood flow to the lower extremities, and increase circulation. This aids in preventing pain and stiffness. Being upright supports good posture, while sitting promotes terrible posture, therefore, you should always sit upright.

The intricate web of bones, muscles and nerves located in your back is the site for spinal discs. The sacrum is the region of the spine that connects the pelvis to the remainder of your


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