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What You Must Know About Child Custody Battles – My Free Legal Services

Eo “Five Mistakes that People Make In Child Custody Cases,” attorney for child custody Terri Herron documents five common errors.

A lot of parents commit the error of not allowing their other parent to view their children. The opposite should never be the case except when you have valid reasons. Create a positive relationship between parents and children.

Sometimes, in custody disputes there are instances when one parent makes demeaning comments about another. Disparaging comments can adversely influence the kids. It is possible to get an argument in favor of you in tribunal.

In addition, unsubstantiated allegations can be presented by a parent against another parent. The allegations should not be made when they cannot be back with evidence.

Some parents will encourage their children to use the words “dad” or “mom”. If you’re engaged in the custody dispute, make sure not to use this. Instead, choose a positive child’s name to make use of.

Try to be an active part of the lives of your children. It is easier to get custody when you’re actively taking part in the daily lives of your kids.


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