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Tornado Creates Huge Dust Cloud – Entertainment Videos

unnel. These dirt and dust particles are the reason why a tornado is visible. It wouldn’t be possible to see tornadoes even if they weren’t surrounded by this debris. Shears of wind can appear invisible. They’re powerful straight-line winds which can cause significant destruction to houses and trees. One way to prevent roof damage during moderate wind is to install winds vented roofing put in place. Wind pushes against wind vent roofing to make it more solid. But even the wind-driven roofing won’t protect your house from direct hits by a tornado. In this video, we observe a tornado scoop up large amounts of dirt and dump it into its funnel.

The storm chasers are thronging Iowa this week to search for tornadoes. Max Olson, a storm chaser who was able to capture a spectacular tornado on video. The tornado’s distinct funnel from a distant distance. When they are closer to the tornado you’ll be able to notice how much dust it is picking up. This is a result of the tornado moving across a field. When it does it is able to pick up the dust and then throw it up to the sky where it rains down again to the earth. It is fortunate that this tornado didn’t directly strike the houses featured in this footage.


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