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How Danish Kringles are Made! – CoffeeLand Alaska

They are a true delight. Danish Kringles are described as massive, round, ovals comprised of dough. They’re packed with various fillings, and is then covered with sweet frosting. Each bite of the kringle is delicious due to its buttery and flaky. It can be difficult to envision how a skilled baker creates such substantial pastries as you first see Danish-made ringsle. A single kringle is able to provide 12 slices to your guests. Then we are transported to the baking area of bakers that are responsible for the creation of the Danish Kringle.

Like you see, making a kringle requires quite a lot of effort and patience. The dough must be worked several times to ensure that there are several layer of butter. This is what makes a Danish kringle its amazing airiness. You can fill them with any combination of sweet berry jams or cinnamon sugar as well as chocolate nut butter and chocolate nut fudge. Kringles are great presents for this time of year. Do not be shy to gift them one!


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