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Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners

So, you can rest assured all is taken care of.
Make sure your garage door is serviced

Your outdoor maintenance list should contain garage door repair. Garage doors contribute to the aesthetics and security of your home However, it’s likely that you don’t really think about how to keep it in good condition. Many people don’t think about maintaining their garage doors until something goes out of the ordinary. Routine maintenance will stop bigger issues from developing and maintain your door in top state for longer.

An appointment with an expert typically includes an inspection of the door and opener. The technician will examine the components for broken or worn out, loose hardware, and proper alignment. They’ll also be sure to lubricate every moving part to ensure peace of mind and smooth operation. The professional will also check and adjust the balance on the door during the check-up. If the door is out of balance, it could cause significant damage to your door and opener.

Alongside regular maintenance, it’s vital to keep an eye on warning signs that show your garage door needs repair. If your garage door does not open or close rapidly or it is difficult for users, it may be time to schedule a service appointment. A routine garage door inspection ensures your home’s safety and security , and prevents you from being handed a bill.

Get your roof inspected regularly

Maintenance of your roof is an essential component of any outdoor maintenance plan. The roof is your first defence against the elements and it also plays an essential part in safeguarding your home from water damage and leaks. Regular maintenance like roof inspections will also help to ensure that your roofing is replaced. You don’t want to have to cover the cost of a whole roof if you could have avoided it by performing routine repair of your roof in the first instance.

The roof inspection usually involves taking a thorough look at the roofing’s condition and examining for cracks or curled shingles , as well as any indications of damage or wear. The roofing cont


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