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What Are Load Cells? – Free Encyclopedia Online

es your weight. This can be done with the use of a loadcell. The load cells analyze pressure. How do they measure pressure? With the video tutorial that is included, RealPars answers this question similar to how they’ve provided answers to other intriguing engineering issues on their YouTube channel.

A transducer is the key part of a load-cell. It is a device with a mechanical part that reacts with the pressure. The deformation and the depression of the unit can be measured by the mechanical part. This is converted into an electrical signal which can be sent to an instrument called a strain gauge.

The intensity or strength of the signal generated through the transducer informs the strain meter what information it needs to know to send the result to a computer. The reading can then be transformed into a number that corresponds to the amount of weight.

The advantages of this are of reducing an old process that used weights to measure. What once required heavy and heavy gears, levers, weights, and pulleys now take the form of a few components and a fraction of the dimensions and weight of the conventional scale.


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