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Interior Design Tips for Small Rooms – Home Improvement Tax

Maximize your vertical space

Utilizing the vertical space you have by exploring taller pieces including shelving and art work on the walls. This can add depth to your vertical space and also the openness you’ve worked hard to achieve in the hardwood floors. You can either place the shelf, or even copper wires in the wall to hang an enormous furniture piece that you would not be willing to sell. To create the illusion in height, you can hang drapery such as valances that are two inches below your ceiling when you are hanging the drape.

Utilize large rug

In order to make a room look more attractive, it will primarily trick the eyes to believe that there is more there is. One method to accomplish this is placing massive rug in your small space. Even though they’re not enough to take up the entire space, they also give your room the appearance of grandeur. Consider the dimension of the space. If you’re not able to measure it accurately through your eyes, you will need measuring tape. In addition to the rug, place a table to act as the focal point of your room and chairs to give it a more rounded look.

Make use of integrated wall lighting beside the Bed

Installing wall lighting can be an ideal design option to use in small spaces like your bedroom. Why? Because when you have beside lighting, you will require small tables for the lamps that take up a significant amount of room. An integrated lighting fixture next to your bed can reduce space and provide your space a more cohesive look. In addition, given the numerous wall lighting choices, such as wired or plug-in, chances are you’ll find something that you’re happy with.

If you are designing small rooms when designing small spaces, you must take your time and listen to your inner voice. Don’t try and use things you don’t enjoy.


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