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Learning to Drive a Zero- Turn Mower – Car Talk Radio

It is nearly two times as efficient that a standard lawn tractor which is why it’s equipped to mow large lawns. The zero-turn mowers however are able to reach its speedy efficiency through the unique steering and propulsion system. It can be confusing for untrained operators.

The practice is essential to getting used to operating the zero-turn mower efficiently and safely. Two levers of control can be utilized for zero-turn mowers. The mower will move forward when both levers are in motion toward the front. Conversely, the opposite happens if both levers are moved backward. Moving just one lever makes the wheels of the side of the mower either in the direction of forward or reverse, and it is possible to turn the mower by using the levers separately of one another. Zero-turn mowers are obviously, able to make a 180-degree turn without moving forward or backward. This, however, can make an ugly gouge into the grass in the event that the mower rotates about the wheels that do not move on the inside of the turning. The issue is resolved by turning 3 times. 8fbvu2pef8.

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