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Tips on How You Can Wrap Your Extension Cords – Teng Home

These are some excellent suggestions to ensure you’re not frustrated next time your extension cords are employed. He offers three distinct ways to wrap your extension cords once they’re done, so you won’t deal with knots. He understands the challenges we all face, which is why he has three kinds of methods to tie your extension cords in:

The wrap for the elbow is one which we’ve probably heard of. You simply wrap the cord around your wrist and elbow. Once you’ve done that, then wrap it over your hand and elbow to secure it. After that, plug in the connectors. It appears that it’s just making more knots, but it actually doesn’t! Check out the video to see how Chris weaves the extension cable by braiding it. The last way is called the”over under” method, and it’s pretty easy therefore it is the next method of wrapping your extension cord. Go through the entire video to discover more helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to wrap your extension cords effortlessly, and you’ll never have to suffer any frustrations.


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